Southers Marsh Golf Club, Will Stearns

“We’re really happy with our Yoularoid. We’re a golf course, and it seems like all golf courses are promising the same things in the same way to potential customers. We feel like we offer something special and different from our competitors, but there was no good way to get this message to our customers in a believable way… until we did our Yoularoid. Now we can make a connection with our customers before they ever set foot in our establishment, and they walk through the door expecting a great time.”
Will Stearns
Southers Marsh Golf Club

When the price of cranberries plummeted, this Plymouth farmer and his family built a scenic golf course around their cranberry bogs. This Yoularoid video for their business gives customers a snapshot of who they are, what they stand for, and the story of their American dream.

Client: Will Stearns

Company: Southers Marsh Golf Club