Doody Calls, Paul Delaney

We have a lot of customers. I can’t possibly meet them all face to face. Sure, our customers know their service tech, our logo and our messaging; but what about the principles? The people behind the brand who they are actually doing business with? I attach my Yoularoid to every email I send out, so my customers know the person behind the brand. Yoularoid works!
Paul Delaney, Owner
Doody Calls

Poop-scooping is serious business. People hesitate when hiring out for a job like this, because most of the time, servicemen are coming to clean their yards when they aren’t at home. Paul Delaney prides himself in the fact that he’d never send someone to your house that he wouldn’t send to his own. His Yoularoid internet marketing video helps potential clients feel safe with him, his company, and his employees.

Client: Paul Delaney

Company: Doody Calls

Location: Quincy, MA