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Mark ForresternbspmarkforresterYears ago, Mark Forrester ran into a man at a conference that he thought he knew, but he couldn’t remember where from. Fearful of another encounter without remembering, he racked his brain for hours thinking, How do I know this guy?. Then finally, it hit him—he had never met that man before. Their conversation earlier that day was the first time he’d ever spoken with him. Several weeks before then, however, he’d seen a video about him, and the way that video was captured made Mark feel like he knew him personally after it was through.

A light bulb went off. And that day, the video “personality snapshot” we now know as “Yoularoid,” was born.

Yoularoid™ is an extension of Marcus Myles Media, a small advertising and marketing agency, owned by Mark Forrester.

“I’ve always been fascinated by this one thought: Why do people do the things they do?” Mark says. The answer, he believes, is that “itʼs forever reliant on human emotion. We do everything on emotion, and then cover it with statistics and reasons.”

That’s why Yoularoids work so well. They have one intent: to help potential clients and customers create an emotional connection to the owner or employees of a particular business. And it works. Watch a few. We’re 100% confident that you’ll want to do business with these passionate business men and women after your through with their videos.