“Eighteen years ago I was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder. It was a terrifying time with uncontrollable mood swings and physical changes that defied explanation. Frequently, I would go through depressions so debilitating I couldn’t get off the couch for weeks. I couldn’t take a shower or fix meals. It was bleak for a long time.
 But intuitively I knew the diagnosis didn’t fit for me.

So, I started searching. Over the next nine years, I was in a number of hospitals and doctor’s offices. I probably went to every kind of doctor you can imagine and eventually they found I had mercury poisoning. That began the journey of struggling for my health. Along with the physical challenges of mercury detox came a great deal of soul searching, meditation and contemplation.
 And something very unexpected happened, I became extremely sensitive to everything around me, to light, to noise, to everything. I found that even a harsh word could bring me down for days if not weeks.

And I also found the opposite.

I found that a kind word could not only lift my spirits, it could lift my energy.
It could change my health.

That’s right, I found that a kind word could change my health.

And it really woke me up to the power of words – and how few people realize the power of words.

 And I wanted to do something about that.

I wanted to bring more of these words out to see the light. I wanted people to be reminded that there is compassion and kindness and we can choose love.

And that desire gave birth to Positivity Designs.”

When I stumbled upon the power of delivering video that is unscripted, unrehearsed and unconventional, I felt the same way. Nothing is more powerful than the truth and no one has more power than you to deliver your own unscripted, unrehearsed story. It is powerful because it’s true, it feels and sounds true to the viewer because it was captured: a word straight from your heart, to the heart of the viewer-nothing is more powerful than you speaking your truth!