It’s amazing to see the ways that our clients’ Yoularoids have transformed not only their websites, but also their interactions with potential customers. This type of marketing by video is powerful—and best of all, it works. Read what some of our clients have to say.

Mark is a complete professional. the Yoularoid is a unique experience and gets the business owner to relax and everyone to see them as a normal everyday person.

— Sean McDonagh, ASG Security

A consummate professional! His videos bring out the best qualities in people that make you want to do business with them.

— Robert Terravecchia, President, Weymouth Bank

Mark is a very experienced and detailed professional. Mark will save you $$$ as he has extensive experience in the TV/Advertisement arena. He is an exceptional and personable individual that will add value to your business product and your production needs.

— Ron Morganelli, CEO, CareWell Adult Day Wellness

If you are having trouble getting in front of clients or differentiating yourself from your competitors, this is the way to go. You can send a video of yourself and what you have to offer in seconds to anyone you want to get in front of. They will know you better in 2 minutes than spending hours on the networking circuit.

— John Moran, VP, Via Media

Mark’s work continues to impress me. His ability to understand a clients service and transform that into a responsive campaign is just what every business needs.

— Cisco Holland, Founder, Make Green, Go Green

Mark worked with me to develop a Yoularoid marketing video. Working with him was a pure delight. He made me feel very ‘at ease’ during the 90 minutes of taping. He was professional, witty, and kind. I would highly recommend to any business owner that they speak to Mark about the Yoularoid, and its potential to drive them business.

— Gwen Morgan, Founder of What If Workbook